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White Bathroom

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Bathrooms can be tricky but just like the kitchen open up all your doors.  Ask yourself

How many items can you fit on your counter and how many do you use every single day vs. your spa treat yourself nights?

Do you have 10 nail polishes in this drawer and 15 in another closet?

This is a time to throw out old hair products, old lotion and medicine.  


Make it Nice​ in/on the 


There are so many great tub caddies that you can use to store your shower goodies!  If you can't fit all of your items on one shower caddy then how much are you putting in there? 


If you have more than three different shampoos then I recommend moving the ones you don't use everyday to your bathroom closet.  

Medicine Cabinet  


Small plastic containers are your best friend. Store and prevent loose items from falling out as you open the cabinet.  


Store all your mouth needs in the medicine cabinet with your vitamins.  



Please don't place anything on the toilet other than an air freshener.  If you want to place a magazine or book there are many other great areas to store such things.  



This can be a tough area for many people. The easiest way to keep this area clean is to have nothing on it.  Unfortunately, that doesn't make seem very practical.  Pretty toothbrush and soap holsters go a long way here. 



You can get shelves to put plants, items for guests, a book, extra toilet paper.

Bathroom Shelves
Minimal Bathroom
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