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Grey Bed with Quilt
Well Organized Closet
Folding Clothes
Fresh Bedroom

Start Here                                                                                

Yearly clear out all your drawers, yes all of them and your closet!


Ask yourself:

What has managed to come out of the bottom of your nightstand or sock drawer? 

Are there things you've been holding onto for way too long? 


There is a place for everything and if you need a sentimental box go for it!  If you find clothing with stains, unwanted holes, missing buttons it has a place but not in your closet.  

Make it Nice​ on/in the                                                              

Night Stand 


If you have a nightstand only store in them what is needed for bed.  Anything other than an eye mask or a book get rid of it.  Nail polish belongs in the bathroom and jewelry belongs in a safe or in a jewelry box.  This will allow you to not have clutter and focus on sleeping. 



Keep it simple. Put your socks together, your sweat pants all go in a drawer together and you can even put matching socks next to each together. 


If you want to go a bit more extreme, I love following guru Marie Kondo and her recommendation to go through all of your clothes and fold them perfectly.  You can even thank your shirt for the joy it brought you.  To the millennial and Gen z individuals that might seem extreme, even a bit OCD, definitely something you hire someone for.  If you need some help in this area there are tools you can purchase to help you fold like a wiz.  If you don't have the time or the patience it's okay.  

Clothes Closet 


Store your clothes by season.  Put in storage all winter jackets, scarves, hoodies, and boots if it's summertime.  Only keep in your closet what you plan to wear for the next three months. 


Color code your clothes and


Short to Long - Put your short sleeve shirts together on the right and the long sleeve shirts on the left.  This will allow you on a Monday morning to check the weather and go straight to your work wear and select what you'd like to wear for the day. 


Try to avoid keeping your shoes next to your clothing.  The bottom of your shoes are generally dirty and can smell.  If that isn't an option there are beautiful clear boxes you can use and organize accordingly.   

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