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Start Here

Open up all of your cabinets and put everything on your counter tops. Ask yourself:  

Are your oven gloves close to your oven? 

Are your cups near the coffee station?

Are your dishes stored farthest from the dishwasher? 


You will see a common trend that you will want to place like things in the same area. 

Before you start putting items back in the cabinets make sure you clean them! 



Make it Nice​ in the 


Condiments tend to look best on the door of your fridge.  If the door is full of condiments, then it is time to get rid of items you don't use or that are expired.  


Storage bins - Not EVERYTHING needs a bin but key items such as meat should be separated from all other food.  Make sure the container is clear and labeled.  


Trouble Accessing the back of your fridge? Use a Lazy Suzann!

Dishes Closet

Plates - Use a storage rack!  The plates will be stored vertically allowing easy access to plates of all shapes and sizes.  

Cups - Store your cups, wine glasses, and coffee cups faced up.  The most important part of your glassware is the rim.  You want to protect the rim.  This means keeping the least amount of weight on it.  Keeping your glass up also allows for any moisture to be removed.


Key it simple by adding clear, wicker or stylish containers.  Label the bins with the type of food.  If you have 5 different types of pasta put them all in the pasta bin.  If you have 10 different types of tea put them in a smaller clear container. 

Pan and Pan Lids


Make it effortless to get a lid for your pot or pan go vertical!  Just like the plates vertical is the way to go. No longer rummaged through the bottom of a cabinet to find the right sized lid for a pan.  

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