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Living Room

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Artistic Living Room

Start Here

Looking at everything besides the furniture.   Start from the right of the door and go around the room until you come back to the door.  Search for

Store or remove "holiday" or old broken decorations 

How many blankets you have to cuddle up with

How many remotes or technology items you have out vs. use  ​

Make it Nice​ in/on the 

Television Stands 


Great place to store games, keep pictures, video gaming consoles and sometimes kids toys.  This is NOT an area to keep "everything I don't know what to do with", or a place you put 1,000 "trinkets".  


Always ask here: What purpose is this serving?  It either should find a home with like things, be put in storage or toss it.  


Pictures are nice.  Please keep them updated with loved ones, a place for relatives that are now angels, and don't over do it. Please do everything in moderation.



We all love a good blanket to snuggle up on.  It's good to have one or two thrown over the back of the couch or folded on a stand.  If you like to add more blankets then take a quick trip to your linen closet!  


A couch's purpose is to sit, relax, rest, kick your feet up and that's it.  There shouldn't be anything stored in it, around it, or used for anything else.


If you want to make this space nice, use a spray on the couch that helps reduce stains.  



No matter what include a plant.  Some plants help get rid of toxins in the air and creates a healthy space.


If you have a smaller space do NOT get big furniture. All of the apartments and houses take the measurements.  Measure the length and width of your furniture.


Use a design services (there are free options available). Have a designer help you visualize your space and be open about what works best for you!  You can purchase great pieces online.  If you take the time to work with a designer you won't be wasting your time or money. 

Coffee Table


The purpose of a coffee table is to put things on it when you're in the room.  Other ways to keep it nice to add magazines, your latest book, tissues, a light, a plant, or a seasonal decoration.   



This is always a great idea. You can get shelves big enough to put big bins on and for storage or a great place for pictures or seasonal decor.  

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